At Phoenix House,
we are a family.

We embrace the uniqueness of each pupil and tailor our curriculum and opportunities to suit the needs of each child. Our UK qualified team go above and beyond for our children, guiding them to explore their existing passions and discover new ones.

We’re thrilled about your interest in becoming part of our PH community, and we’re here to assist you in determining whether Phoenix House is the perfect choice for your child or children and your family.

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Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on our experienced team here at Phoenix House. Consistently going above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.


Senior Leadership Team

  • Claire Fletcher
    Claire Fletcher

    Head of School

  • Stewart Smith
    Stewart Smith

    Deputy Head of School

Class Teachers

  • Louise Keen
    Louise Keen

    Prep One

  • Adam Platten
    Adam Platten

    Prep One, Head of Foundation Subjects

  • Natalie Callan
    Natalie Callan

    Prep Two

  • Jessica Ramsey
    Jessica Ramsey

    Prep Two

  • Megan Rojahn
    Megan Rojahn

    Prep Two

  • Florence Robjohn
    Florence Robjohn

    Prep Three

  • Georgina Scregg
    Georgina Scregg

    Prep Three, Head of SEN and Inclusion

  • Sophie Tyte
    Sophie Tyte

    Prep Three

  • Mark Hicks
    Mark Hicks

    Prep Four, Oak Head of House

  • Lee Navin
    Lee Navin

    Prep Four, Rothesay Head of House

  • Imogen Barnard
    Imogen Barnard

    Prep Five, Head of English

  • Vikki Hawkins
    Vikki Hawkins

    Prep Five

  • Gareth Morris
    Gareth Morris

    Prep Six, Head of Mathematics, Windsor Head of House

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor

    Prep Six, Head of CPD

Specialist Teachers

  • Samuel Carlson
    Samuel Carlson


  • Jo Justice
    Jo Justice


  • Chie Kakuya
    Chie Kakuya


  • Divya Kato
    Divya Kato


  • Luke Mathers
    Luke Mathers

    Physical Education, Snowdon Head of House

  • Emily Nishijima
    Emily Nishijima


  • Yuriko Yamamoto
    Yuriko Yamamoto


Teaching Assistants

  • Ai Abbey
    Ai Abbey

    Teaching Assistant

  • Giulia Ferraro
    Giulia Ferraro

    Teaching Assistant

  • Ayako Masuda
    Ayako Masuda

    Teaching Assistant

  • Dagmara Rutkowska
    Dagmara Rutkowska

    Teaching Assistant

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams

    Teaching Assistant

  • Nami Yamamoto
    Nami Yamamoto

    Teaching Assistant

Administration Team

  • Mariko Toyoshi
    Mariko Toyoshi


  • Alisa Perry
    Alisa Perry

    Receptionist and PA to Head of School

  • Emily Larcombe
    Emily Larcombe

    Marketing and Admissions Manager

  • Gabryel Cruz
    Gabryel Cruz

    Operations Coordinator

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