Before you apply

Find out more

Visit us for a school tour, or attend an online information session. We will share details of our curriculum, teachers, approaches to learning and teaching, as well as aspects of our wider school life such as the house system and North Peak enrichment campus in Hokkaido. Reservations can be made via OpenApply.

Register your interest at OpenApply to receive updates on the latest developments at Phoenix House.

Check your eligibility

  • A child who has, or whose parent(s) have, non-Japanese nationality can apply as an international pupil.

  • Evidence of a need for international schooling has to be provided in order for a pupil with Japanese nationality to be eligible; please refer to our Admissions Policy for details.

Entry requirements

  • Each applicant must demonstrate age-appropriate academic capacity in areas including verbal and non-verbal, numeric and spatial reasoning.

  • Both the child and a parent must be able to communicate effectively in English.


Please refer to our Fees page.​

Time of entry

  • Phoenix House International School is a primary school for children aged between 5 and 11, and up to 13 until 2023. Allocation to year groups is based on the applicant’s date of birth. Please refer to our 2021-22 and 2022-23 Year Group Cut-Off Dates.

  • The academic year starts at the end of August or beginning of September each year.

Making an application

Submit your application form through OpenApply. The following will be needed to process the application:

  • A completed application form

  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s and parents’ passports

  • A copy of report cards

  • An academic reference

  • A Registration Fee of JPY ¥40,000

Before making an application, please read the Admissions Policy which governs the application process, and FAQs.

After you apply

Upon successful screening for eligibility, your child will be invited to an Admissions Assessment.

A successful application will result in an offer of a place, which can be secured by paying an Enrolment Fee of JPY ¥260,000.

You may be added to a waiting list if all places are already filled.

Years 1 and 2 are full for the 2021-22 academic year. Applicants may be placed on a waiting list if successful.


Please contact our admissions office here, or call +81(0)3 5530 7406 (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. JST on weekdays), if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your child’s options for study at Phoenix House.

Admission FAQs

What is the application deadline?

We process applications on a rolling basis, up to one year in advance of the point of entry. If you intend to enrol your child within the next 12 months, it is advisable to apply as soon as you are ready, so as to have the best chance of securing a place.

What is the age range of children who can apply?

Children aged between 5 and 13 years old at the start of the next academic year can apply. Our academic year starts at the end of August or beginning of September each year.

What if my child requires support learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), or has a special educational need (SEN)?

Children who meet our English language proficiency requirement and do not require significant intervention to our mainstream programme can be accepted. There will be a small team within the school that will offer specialised support for pupils in need of mainstream EAL and SEN support. The support offered may include one-to-one classes or small group sessions; parents bear the cost of additional support.

How do I pay the Registration and Enrolment Fees?

Please pay by bank transfer. You will receive payment instructions with our bank account details. Kindly note that you will be responsible for any transaction charges. Please remember to add your child’s name to the bank transfer so we can identify and acknowledge payment.

Do I need to send supporting documents to the admissions office by post?

No, all correspondence will be through our online application system, OpenApply, where you can upload documents. There is no need to submit unsolicited supporting documents such as certificates, awards and samples of work.

Can I upload a reference letter?

We will request a confidential academic reference from the head of your child’s current or last (pre)school by email. The head of school can choose to delegate it to a teacher who taught your child.

What if my child’s current school only provides a reference upon withdrawal?

Please notify the admissions team when submitting your application. We can first assess your application conditionally without calling a reference. If your application is successful, your child will be offered a place conditional upon obtaining a satisfactory academic reference prior to Enrolment Fee payment.

When will admissions assessments take place?

Admissions assessments are scheduled on an ongoing basis. You will receive an invitation in the weeks following application submission.

How can my child prepare for the assessment?

The assessment consists in a test of aptitudes, rather than knowledge which can be learnt and memorised. You may wish to familiarise your child with the basic usage of an iPad, which will be used for the assessment (provided by us). Please find here some samples of the types of questions your child will be asked here.

What if my child currently lives outside of Japan?

Assessment for Year 1 entry can take place via video conferencing. For applicants to Year 2 or above, an assessment can be arranged at their current school; an online interview may also be required.

When will I hear the result?

We aim to get back to you with a decision within one week after the assessment.

Is there a deadline to accept my offer?

An offer is valid for two weeks from the date of issue. Therefore, please make sure you are ready to accept an offer when you apply.

Do you provide any fee reductions?

We provide a tuition fee discount for 3 siblings or more enrolling at our school. Please refer to our Finance and Fees Policy for details.