Phoenix House

Prep School


Our Approach to Learning

Phoenix House follows the National Curriculum for England, offering a solid foundation in English, Maths, and Science. This core supports a broad education including the humanities, languages, sports, computing, drama, and music. Our commitment to oracy underlines our ambition, offering diverse learning to empower pupils to find their passions and think deeply and creatively.

We focus on the learning journey, valuing engagement and a secure environment over mere outcomes. Curiosity is central in our approach, creating a space for every pupil to thrive. Our diverse curriculum enables pupils to explore ideas, establish connections, and develop in a holistic manner. At Phoenix House, we cultivate not just knowledge, but also the skills and confidence for lifelong learning.

High Flyers

At Phoenix House, we cater to a diverse range of abilities while maintaining a strong tradition of nurturing exceptionally talented pupils, leading them to achieve success and master the National Curriculum.

Throughout their school journey, each child’s progress is meticulously tracked, and emerging talents are identified early on. Additionally, specialised teaching in areas like art and sports provides talented pupils with opportunities to refine their skills.

Gifted pupils are invited to join ‘High Flyer’ groups in various areas. These groups not only prepare children for the next steps of their academic journey, but also offer a deeper exploration of the specialised area, aiming to ignite a lifelong passion.

Learning support

When a child is identified as benefiting from additional assistance at PH, targeted support is implemented through interventions in small groups or individualised sessions conducted by the Phoenix House team. This can be provided for those children who have gaps to be bridged, or those working at mastery level of our curriculum.

Our Head of SEN and Inclusion, in coordination with the Senior Leadership Team, collaborates closely with all colleagues and works in partnership with families.

Academic Curriculum


At Phoenix House, we follow the National Curriculum for England. Our approach to learning is grounded in a robust foundation of English, Mathematics, and Science, which serves as the bedrock for an expansive and enriched education encompassing the humanities, modern languages, sports, computer programming, drama, music, and more.

Read more about the official National Curriculum below:

British National Curriculum Key stages 1 – 2 (Years 1 – 6)

Enrichment Programmes

We want all children at Phoenix House to explore their interests, develop their personality, discover their potential, and face their fears all the while supported and championed by their friends and colleagues.

Our learning community is built upon kindness, good manners and consideration of others. We will all be learners together.

Choirs, orchestras, ensembles and year group instrumental programmes, along with dance, drama and public speaking form the backbone of our performing arts programme. Artistic freedoms with drawing, painting, printing, sculpting and textiles will inspire creativity. Physical strength and sporting prowess prevail across our PE curriculum.

See Enrichment programmes

Autumn Term Clubs Brochure

The House System





Snowdon, Rothesay, Windsor and Oak – our four Houses underpin everything that we do at Phoenix House. The purpose of our House System is to promote collaboration across different age levels, incorporating friendly competition through activities like earning house points for embodying The Phoenix Way and participating in events like sports day. Phoenixes have the chance to take on leadership roles as House Captains, collaborating with Heads of House, to organise various events throughout the year.

Annually, we look forward to hearing which House has earned the most points and will be awarded the much coveted House Cup on Speech Day.

Future Schools


Navigating the process of selecting a secondary school may appear daunting and complex, but rest assured, as a Prep school, we are ready to support families with the next step in their child’s educational journey. From initiating the search to providing guidance and assistance with Pre-Tests, ISEB, references and Scholarships, Phoenix House can offer comprehensive support through the journey of finding the ideal senior school that aligns with your child’s needs.

Supported schools include…

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