A Vision for Phoenix House

It is with huge pride that Phoenix House International School opened in August 2021 in Tokyo. Phoenix House International School offers a creative and innovative British independent school-style education within the rich international culture of Japan. Our curriculum and house system prepares pupils with the fundamental skills and self confidence needed to successfully navigate life and contribute to society.


In the East and in the West, the Phoenix is a legendary bird, both beautiful and unique in its kind. According to legend, it has lived in the desert for 500 or 600 years rising again and again to better itself and become stronger. We seek such qualities in each and every pupil under our care.


Our core mission is to foster young people who can work collaboratively, ask and answer deep questions, think critically, research and present, using a thematic approach which naturally incorporates and develops inquiry skills. We seek to deliver both academic excellence and personal growth, helping our students grow as individuals with both integrity and a strong moral compass.


Our ethos is built on developing a culture of mutual respect. We strive to instill in our pupils an appreciation of both their own culture as well as that of the wider world. We aim for our pupils to develop self-esteem and a positive mindset towards inclusion and a diverse world. They are challenged to try new things, find their talents and nurture their interests. To appreciate the benefits of hard work and develop confidence yet humility is all part of our approach to character development.


House life is central to the pupils' experience at Phoenix House. Building confidence and enriching the school community, Rothesay House, Oak House, Windsor House, and Snowdon House bring the arts, culture and character to the heart of the school. 


At our North Peak enrichment campus in Hokkaido, pupils enjoy an environment in which to learn and grow, in closer affinity to the natural world. 


We look forward to sharing more information with you about Phoenix House. 


Rest assured, a warm welcome awaits.

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