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Whilst rigorous studies and excellent academic outcomes are paramount to ensuring successful school life, we believe that providing authentic opportunities for children to build their confidence and character are of equal importance, especially at the primary school stage.

We want all children at Phoenix House to explore their interests, develop their personality, discover their potential, and face their fears all the while supported and championed by their friends and colleagues. Our learning community is built upon kindness, good manners and consideration of others. We will all be learners together.

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Clubs & Societies

Phoenix House boasts an impressive selection of clubs and societies every day of the week, ensuring there’s something for every Phoenix. Whether it’s screen golf or drama, orchestra or badminton, history alive or songwriting, Latin or STEAM club, art appreciation or coding, our diverse offerings provide countless opportunities for children to nurture their creative talents and enhance their confidence, physical health, and overall wellbeing.

Phoenix House offers internal clubs, run by the PH team, and specialist teacher offerings where necessary.

In addition to our range of clubs and societies, private music lessons are available to all children in a range of instruments.

The Great Outdoors

Some of the most meaningful education happens outside of the traditional classroom. When people develop a deeper appreciation for life, their local and global community, and both deepen and widen their skills and passions, we call this enrichment.

North Peak Enrichment Campus

Our young Phoenixes enjoy curricular trips to Hokkaido, where they continue their learning at our North Peak Enrichment campus. We give children the chance to be children, away from the pressures of school, technology and the commercial world, doing what they do best – playing, having fun and making friends. We encourage children to explore new things with independence, for example making their bed and setting the dining table for their friends. At North Peak, children are challenged to try new things, unearth new talents and experiment with new hobbies. North Peak Enrichment Campus gives our children a boarding school experience.


In Tokyo we make use of the wonderful green spaces on offer, with weekly outdoor activities taking place during PE lessons, after school clubs and sports tournaments. Some of our favourite activities are also the PH Mountain Day hikes to the local mountains and Hanami pic-nics under the Spring cherry blossoms at the Imperial Palace grounds, only a stone throw away.



The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations are built into the curriculum at Phoenix House. LAMDA is the UK’s largest Speech and Drama board and a nationally recognised qualification in communication and performance, which is why we feel they are an important element of a full education.

LAMDA examinations are designed to improve standards in communication through spoken word and to support the creative, intellectual and social development of the individual as a whole. LAMDA examinations are about achievement and provide an opportunity to develop important life-skills, such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate and articulate clearly.

Preparation for examinations is offered for Year 1 – 8 in all communication options.

Speaking Verse & Prose:

  • Designed to develop the skills necessary for effective communication of novels and poetry. Develops a strong speaking voice and memory skills.

Junior Duke


Mini, Junior and Senior Duke is an award scheme aimed at Primary and Middle School pupils, that encourages the development of core and valuable life skills.

There are six levels:

  • Silver Mini Duke (Prep 1)
  • Gold Mini Duke (Prep 2)
  • Bronze Junior Duke (Prep 3)
  • Silver (Prep 4)
  • Gold (Prep 5)
  • Platinum (Prep 6)

The skills gained through taking part in the Duke award will be valuable for our pupils both currently and in later life. Pupils will grow in confidence, independence, resilience and adaptability when embarking on the challenges within each level. By taking part in the Duke award, pupils will be better equipped to deal with the everyday problems faced in life.

Summer School 2024

Join us at Phoenix House International School in Chiyoda-ku, as we welcome the summer and enjoy our Phoenix Fun!

The Summer School will be a varied range of activities focused on music, drama, science, art and sport. The programme will be run by the current creative and inspiring PH academic team.

The programme will be engaging and creative, stimulating children’s critical thinking skills, developing their resilience and curiosity. Children will build self-confidence and oracy skills, whilst enjoying the opportunity to dive deep into a subject of interest. They will have the chance to present their new skills and learning in front of their peers.

All delivery and the language of instruction will be English, so children will be fully immersed in the English language and continue to build their academic, linguistic and creative skills.

This programme is open to both current PH pupils and non-Phoenix House pupils.

Sign ups for the 2024 Summer Programme has now closed. For any questions please contact .


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Aikido and Judo Summer After-School Programme




This year we are offering a Special Summer After-School Programme of combined Aikido and Judo classes.

Our Summer after-school program is a way for children to immerse themselves in Judo and Aikido for a week. Practicing pupils will get a chance to further their skills by practicing daily, develop awareness on key principles, and practice with new partners. Ukemi (falls) and throws are similar in Judo and Aikido and pupils will be able to recognise similar principles in both arts and be enriched by cross-training.

First-time pupils have the opportunity to try both arts, get a feel for them, and decide if they would like to continue practicing either martial art during the regular school year.

If you have other activities on some days of the week, please let us know, as partial attendance is possible.

Regular week fee: ¥25,000

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