Phoenix House

Terms and Conditions

1. Enrolment

1.1 Upon accepting an offer to enrol their child at Phoenix House International School (PH), parents confirm that they read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions as well as the accompanying school policies. Every effort has been made to provide a clear and accurate representation of PH’s educational approaches, and it is assumed that parents who accept an offer approve and are supportive of these.

1.2 Offers are made in good faith that all information and documents provided by parents in the application are genuine. An offer can be withdrawn, or a child’s enrolment terminated, should this be found not to be the case or if the Enrolment Fee payment is not made by the stipulated deadline.

1.3 PH only accepts registrations from those who show evidence of parental authority or legal guardianship over a child. Where there are two parents, correspondence from one of them is considered to represent the will of both parents.

1.4 Parents of a child who does not hold Japanese nationality must inform PH of any change in the child’s visa status within two weeks of such change. Enrolment may be terminated if the child loses the right to reside in Japan.

2. Withdrawal

2.1 Parents are required to give a full term’s written notice to the Head of School to withdraw their child from PH. For example, in order to withdraw at the beginning of the Autumn Term, a written notice is required by the final day of the Spring Term of the previous academic year. Term dates are shown on the school website. Alternatively, they must pay at least one term’s fees in lieu of such notice, if not already.

3. Termination

3.1 Extreme cases of situations such as the following may result in a child’s enrolment at PH being terminated:

  • The child is deemed to no longer benefit from, or hampers the ability of other children to benefit from, schooling at PH
  • Non-attendance
  • Parents persist in delayed payment or non-payment of school fees, or have any other irreconcilable issue with PH

The Head of School reserves the right to make a final decision in the event of any dispute.

4. Education

4.1 Parents shall facilitate their child’s full participation in school life, and understand that their child is subject to rules and expectations set out in the Handbook.

4.2 PH may, from time to time, make adjustments to the way it delivers its programme for reasons such as to further its educational aims, better respond to pupils’ needs, or reflect changes to the National Curriculum in England. Key changes will be communicated to parents whose cooperation and support are expected.

5. Safety

5.1 Parents are responsible for arranging, and bearing the cost of, a safe and appropriate mode of commute for their child between home and PH.

5.2 Parents give PH permission to take their child onto trips, excursions and various outdoor educational activities outside of the school building, and note that the time and location for parents to drop off and pick up their child can be different on days these take place. Regular visits to the North Peak enrichment campus in Hokkaido involve living away from home for consecutive days.

5.3 Having exercised reasonable duty of care, PH shall not be held liable for any loss or harm to a child either on PH premises or during off-site educational activities, such as those resulting from natural disasters or factors beyond PH’s control.

5.4 Parents consent to PH staff making decisions for a child to receive medical treatment, at the child’s family doctor or another medical facility, during emergencies. Parents are liable for the costs.

6. Personal data protection

6.1 Parents can decide whether images of their child are taken and used by PH; however, the school reserves the right to reproduce and publish the child’s work (writings, artwork, etc.), anonymously if the parents prefer.

7. Payment

7.1 Either or both parents agree to be the payer(s) of all school fees. If a third party (for example a grandparent, employer or sponsor) intends to pay a child’s fees, a written agreement between the parents, PH and the third party has to be reached in advance. PH has full discretion over whether or not to accept payment from a third party.

8. Additional Costs

8.1 Parents agree to pay for additional resources and activities not covered by regular school fees, such as uniform, electronic devices, optional outings and goods or services from external suppliers, deemed necessary by PH to fulfil its educational aims.

8.2 If a child causes damage to PH property, either intentionally or through negligence, parents may be liable for any cost of repairs or replacements beyond insurance coverage.

9. Reviews

9.1 This document is reviewed regularly and may be updated to reflect changes in PH’s operations and circumstances. Parents are notified of major amendments.

Date: September 2021

Phoenix House International School (PH) is owned and operated by CEA Private Schools LLC (CEAPS).

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