Whilst rigorous studies and excellent academic outcomes are paramount to ensuring successful school life, we believe that providing authentic opportunities for children to build their confidence and character are of equal importance, especially at the primary school stage.

House System

A quintessential feature of British education, the house system lies at the heart of school life and community. Upon enrolment, each child will be allocated to one of our four houses:

  • Rothesay House

  • Oak House

  • Windsor House 

  • Snowdon House


Being a member of a house presents opportunities to learn and develop by engaging in activities in team and mixed-age group settings throughout the year.


We want all children at Phoenix House to explore their interests, develop their personality, discover their potential, and face their fears all the while supported and championed by their friends and colleagues. Our learning community is built upon kindness, good manners and consideration of others. We will all be learners together.

Choirs, orchestras, ensembles and year group instrumental programmes, along with dance, drama and public speaking, will form the backbone of our performing arts programme. Artistic freedoms with drawing, painting, printing, sculpting and textiles will inspire creativity. Physical strength and sporting prowess will prevail across our PE curriculum.

North Peak Enrichment Campus

In contrast to the urban environment of central Tokyo, our pupils will spend time regularly at our spacious outdoor centre in Hokkaido. The North Peak enrichment campus offers innumerable opportunities for hands-on, authentic learning experiences. Making the most of everything this wonderful country has to offer will bring children’s learning experiences to life. Not only will our pupils develop a meaningful relationship with nature, but they will also apply what they have learned in the classroom to the world outside.