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Phoenix House Facilities

A unique campus in the heart of Tokyo

Phoenix House is located in the heart of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, a short walk to the British Embassy and the Imperial Palace.


Our large, purpose built Tokyo campus provides a spacious, light and welcoming learning environment. Classrooms are flooded with natural sunlight and wide corridors enable free flow throughout the school

interior 12.jpg

Our large dining room enables children to eat lunch with their peers and also their housemates. Wooden benches, hand-crafted by pupils are used daily during mealtimes and the walls feature the values of each House, lined with shelves full of books.


Whilst nestled into a densely urban area we make the most of our large gym which boasts a full size basketball court as well as badminton courts to deliver our indoor PE curriculum. Outdoor sports take place on local pitches and swimming in local pools. The children also enjoy dance, drama and yoga in our beautiful dance studio, furnished with a professional Harlequin dance floor.

Ballet edited2 (2).png

We wanted to offer families in Tokyo an experience, a space, and a journey that changed the way they saw education.



Larger scale performing arts events at PH are enhanced by bookings in local theatre spaces with professional stage and lighting, while smaller events are comfortably accommodated in school. Our foyer provides an excellent exhibition space for the children’s visual art work.


At the heart of the school is our library, accommodating thousands of popular books the children love to borrow and share. Complementing our love of literature and oracy, our Broadcasting Suite enables House Radio shows to air throughout the building during lunch times.


Phoenix House Campus Floor Plan

Phoenix House Floorplan.png
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