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Mark Hicks

Prep Four

Mr Hicks is originally from London and has a First Class degree in Primary Education from the University of Roehampton. Since graduating in 2018, he has worked in all year-groups across upper primary, in various schools across London. He has also used his passion for sports in the classroom in his previous role as the Head of PE.


Mr Hicks emphasises fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in his classroom; he believes by providing children with these key life skills, they can conquer any challenge they set their minds to. He also loves to integrate his enthusiasm for technology into his lessons by incorporating it wherever possible.


Outside of the classroom, Mr Hicks loves to travel and has recently returned from a 3-month long trip all around India, South-East Asia and Japan. He is also an avid musician, he loves enjoys all types of live music and playing the guitar.

Mark Hicks
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