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  • How many pupils are there in a class and in the school?
    Our typical class size is 16 to 18. There are up to three classes in each year group, with a maximum roll of 288 pupils at the school.
  • What curriculum is used?
    Teaching is based on the National Curriculum in England and is customised to meet the needs of our local context. E.g. We will not only teach British History and Geography but also aspects of both subjects pertaining to Japan, Asia and the wider world.
  • Where do your teachers and staff come from?
    Most of the teaching faculty are British and all teachers are fully trained and experienced in delivering the National Curriculum in England.
  • Do you follow a Safe Recruitment policy when appointing staff?
    Yes, our recruitment process is in line with international safeguarding best practice. All applicants, academic and admin, submit a full application form and letter. Longlisted candidates meet for a short introductory conversation to ascertain personality match and experience. Shortlisted candidates move through a full interview which includes detailed questioning and then the subsequent calling of two professional references. All successful candidates undergo a professional background check.
  • What is the Hokkaido North Peak Programme?
    a. The Hokkaido North Peak Programme is a part of the curriculum, aimed at extending learning beyond the classroom. Surrounded by nature, the North Peak campus is located in southern Hokkaido close to Chitose airport, thus easily accessible from Tokyo. It provides opportunities to discover and develop new skills and passions through a rich program centered around outdoor education, the arts and the natural world, academics as well as Japanese culture. It also allows us to teach areas of the curriculum challenging to deliver in an urban setting e.g. animal habitats. b. Accommodation, catering and transport for school term-based trips to North Peak are included in fees for all pupils registered at Phoenix House. c. Summer Programmes at North Peak will be charged separately.
  • What are the school bus routes?
    We currently have a school bus running with stops including Aoyama Dori. Please refer to our school Bus Policy and map for further details. We plan to introduce more bus routes in the Spring Term.
  • Is English the main spoken language of the school? How does Phoenix House ensure this?
    Yes, all pupils are expected to speak English in school. We recognise that many children will have another language, which should be encouraged and extended, but they will always be expected to speak in English at school. There may be occasions when all the children in a group playing together can understand the same language in which case speaking another language is fine, but only if everyone in the group fully comprehends. Excluding others through language use is not be accepted in our school.
  • What approach does Phoenix House take to behaviour management?
    We operate a positive behavior management policy throughout the school. Good behaviour is the expected norm, this includes good manners, being polite and kind to others and supporting those in need. Staff, parents and other members of the wider community are expected to model the behaviour we want to see in the children. We notice and acknowledge good behaviour, celebrating particular acts of courage or kindness. Phoenix House does not shy away from dealing with challenging behaviour or bullying - neither of which are tolerated. Should issues arise they are dealt with directly and swiftly with each child and family.
  • Will children studying the curriculum at Phoenix House be able to continue their education onto iGCSEs, A Levels or IB Diploma?"
    Yes, studying the Key Stage 1&2 (Primary) and Key Stage 3 (Lower Secondary) National Curriculum in England is a smooth and natural preparation for study beyond age 14 - iGCSEs, A Levels and also IBDP.
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